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Loved ones Entertaining: The Lion Full Junior. exposed to life at Civic Theatre

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THE Tiger Master will open tonight in Busan at the Desire Theater after key periods in Seoul and Daegu. The enthusiasm Family Fun: The for viewers in Busan, as well as around the cities, has become a reality. For the first time in this region of Korea, men and women can see production of this size and unmatched selling prices. The Busan period has already been expanded to reflect the strong demand, which will probably close on May 26, which will be the last opportunity for Koreans to see the first Broadway creation on earth. THE Tiger Master is often a global event that redefines theater goals. Having played over 100 cities in 20 countries around the world, more than 95 million people have

online The Lion King in Florida

experienced it, making it a hit unmatched in the market. The recommended director, Jules Taymor, has made an incredible show for Korean viewers using a truly global staff and staff speaking to nineteen civilizations. "Jules Taymor and his remarkable imaginative crew initiated The Lion Full into a fascinating theatrical life," said Felipe Gamba, supervisor, Global Technique and Manufacturing at the Disney World Theater. "It's really a pleasure to attend this demonstration at the new Desire Theater in Busan, we can not expect new spectators The World's #1 to register here." Michael Cassel, managing director of Michael Cassel, explained: "It's really a desire to make Disney's THE Tiger Master holidays come true and to achieve the remarkable result we have to demonstrate today in Korea. point to the starting amount, "adding dinosaur perch to Rock.