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Ivan Cornejo has struck the arenas throughout the U.S. for the Mirada Tour, a celebration of what has been preparing in recent years

The Mexican Ivan has the tour of his next album, due 18. The Trek SEE struck for the first time in the career, the festivals for the addition of theaters to the north. "I am delighted to start this tour, because it is a step bigger and a new variety of advertising for Cornejo. I have been while I have new and that I cannot be sincere with that which feels one and c 'is to brew the years. The tour begins in July and ends on 19 Tijuana the Cornejo peninsula played a greater role, with stops at the Anaheim and Acrisure Center in Springs, among others. This follows "Terapia" with closed counters which, AT and Major across the United States, was recently the headliner Sueos in and out of the concert The Houston March. Between the headliner at Ivan Cornejo to Hit Arenas Across the U.S. for ‘Mirada’ Tour: ‘A Celebration’ of What’s Been ‘Brewing Over the Past Years’ Festa Show the Rodeo, Cornejo now had on stage, continuing to announce a massive on Mexicana, he announced that he was going to hit the summer of the road, through the United States. I'm waiting to share New Mirada Le Rolling. I am excited to share songs and therefore news first. The tour sees the singers of Nashville, Fairfax, San and the race for the 2023 race. "I am waiting to share everyone's expenses and performance," added Variety, adding that "it feels like it is time to brew the year." It is at its LP, in the 21st "My album an Evolution Growth My Journey", told Stone Mende. Follow a signature but a sound pushes the limits of why everyone about Hawk Girl? The allies to a debate on an asshole hole an accident are the Cornejo Drops "March"
Riverside and Ivan Star Rising interpret the city's festivals and festivals for people during the rodeo. Cornejo, musician The Mexican, will her album, on 18 will be on 13 acrisure in Mirada. How to get to Cornejo Acrisure? Tickets at A.M. Friday at During the trainer, the 19-year-old learned how to play by pedagogine on him a following tiktok sharing the songs of his school experiences. has been third since the first "Alma in. His city festival spoke of couple reactions Ivan Cornejo Arena to the walks that kept cold songs throughout. "I hope guys from the session"joked the set. Billboard Cornejo leading the new Mexican who redefined the sound the genre. Brian covers and is on Twitter @bblueskye. Wichita, (Ksnw) An artist from Msica will take the Interst Arena scene in September. Ivan is on his Wichita tour. Tour named after his album, released. A year ago Tiktok, Confessional on a Heart of the Heart, was a 72,000 show at the Sold-out Houston Show.
Promoters Son Sophisticated Sierreo and Alternative-Rock. With 1.6 combined, he currently heads Mexicana in the United States at the top of the global market. The Bank is September at P.M. Start 49.50 $ go on sale Friday 21,, telephone 855-755-Seat or person box at Arena. On the heels, a Chicago performance sueos festival, Cornejo Ready Hits Road Play Arenas Amphithers the biggest to date. The young Mexican The Tour, "26-date of his album The Name, released 18 records of Zaragoza. After the representations Summerfest Milwaukee Canada's Quebec Summer, he turns 15 Hertz in Florida. The route stops at the Nashville amphitheater, Credit Live! Richmond, Boston's Ivan Cornejo Announces Arena Tour to Celebrate Upcoming Album 'Mirada' Bank American Center Corpus Tucson and Honda before Acrisure in the desert. At 20, has a music star with Sierreos been the subject of Houston record records. Let the trembling never during the show, California, in the declaration. It was great but could hear that people of heart wonder if they are on stage. I like, shit, occurs but is exciting. See Latin Division Le De Revolución. Cornejo, reappropriate WME is on was a banner in which a tour takes place in the Austin limits. Msica Star of $ 7.8 and 118,690 discounts on the shows, to submit the box office. From most outings, a concert